30th Years Anniversary (EN)

Cyclone are back together. The very first historical Italian “psychobilly” band, working between 1987 and 1994, celebrates their first album “The First Of The Cyclone Men”, 30th anniversary. Published in 1989 by Klang Records in Rome, it will be relaunched in 2019 in a special vinyl edition.

Celebrating the album is not the only reason though. The decision of getting back together is indeed the band’s answer to their fans too as they have been relentlessly asking for a reunion throughout these years.

Foto: Luca Chiaventi

The very first concert of the band, dating back to April 1987 was a kind of baptism of fire, being the opening band of the epic British “Meteors” at the Asphalt Jungle in Rome where they became the godfathers of Cyclone’s first live debut.

That first important concert was followed by the participation at the 1st Psychobilly Italian Festival in Umbertide, within Umbria Rock (Italy) with some amongst the major bands of the the English scene like Frenzy and Torment. Same year in November, they end up sharing the Uonna Club stage in Rome with Guana Batz from London.
The 1989 debut album “The First of the Cyclone Men” gains a tremendous sales success and reaches out amongst the 7 most sold albums in Rome right on Cult, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello and Depeche Mode‘ s heels.

This amazing success takes their fast and wild Psychobilly all the way to Paris (Gibus), Amsterdam (Melkweg for the Rockhouse music label’s festival), Austria, Germany up to the epic “The 2nd Big Rumble” in Hemsby, UK back in October 1990, organised by the prestigious Roy WilliamsNervous that then published a live compilation album of the festival.